Malverne Community Theatre, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Mission and Story

The Malverne Community Theatre is an organization dedicated to producing theatrical works that are rooted in the traditions of classic theater, but foster experimentation, fresh ideas, and true imagination.

The company was founded in 1967 by a group of people who wanted to turn Malverne into a respected arts community. For a few years, the company was prolific and produced more than 5 shows each year. Summer festivals, original works, and readings were among the many offerings of this company. Press coverage and praise was plentiful, not only by the Malverne Herald – of which the company graced the cover several times – but also by publications outside of Malverne. The company was well-known and respected.

Below you’ll find photos of classic news clippings, playbills, and other marketing material and memorabilia from the original incarnation of MCT.



All of this stopped by the early 1970s and the company sat dormant for more than 40 years. 

 Since officially launching in April, 2012, we have brought creative theater back to Malverne and its neighboring communities, and intend to continue breathing new life into a historic company. Below is a selection of what we’ve done since relaunch. 


Malverne is a community that supports the performing arts and all types of artistic expression. This relaunch is another chapter in the history of this company and the history of Malverne within the pantheon of New York theater and vaudeville.

Through our productions and other endeavors, we hope to provide truly memorable experiences for our audiences and supporters. The Malverne Community Theatre aims to be an institution that will contribute to the cultural landscape of Malverne, the surrounding communities of Long Island, and beyond.

With your support, we will thrive. I encourage you to explore the site, and I hope to see you at our next show.

David Coonan
President and artistic director of the Malverne Community Theatre










Malverne Community Theatre Board of Directors


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Vice President

Steven Richman


Rose Tummarello


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Bruce Liby