CANCELLED FOR 10/22 -The Demon Trail: Carnival of Souls important info

Crossroads Farm is once again transformed into a haunted trail so that we can scare you for our amusement.

  • Like last year, small groups will go out in turn. First come, first served, and numbered. We want to keep the groups as small as possible, because the effect is better, and we’re working on making the wait shorter. Just please keep in mind that there will be a wait.
  • Unlike last year, the wait should be more interesting. More on that later. But our goal is to entertain you from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.
  • As always, safety first. Stay on the trail, don’t touch any of the actors, and be kind. The ground may be soft and is uneven. Do not run! Glow sticks will light the way for you, but it will be dark and scary things will jump out at you. But you should welcome that, unless you made a horribly wrong turn.
  • This is a carnival theme, and we made this decision long before the clown pandemic swept over Earth. There will be at least one actor dressed as a clown during the trail. Anyone that you see on our trail is supposed to be there – they are actors, and they are there to scare you. Despite the vastness of the trail, it is a very controlled environment, and all cast and crew have your safety as a priority. We encourage you to let go and allow yourself to be scared knowing that you are safe. 

See the photo below for all the show info.

Feel free to contact us on our social media accounts, our contact page, or through email if you have any questions.

See you at the carnival.