The Demon Trail

October 23, 24, 30, 31, 2015

The Demon Trail is our largest theater event to date. We took over Crossroads Farm to create an interactive Halloween trail that followed an original story and took groups of unsuspecting people through nearly a quarter mile of demonic fun. Hundreds of people showed up to come face to face with our demons.

This was a truly collaborative event. Every single person pictured below – and more, probably – gave their all to make this a success.

There aren’t many pictures of the trail itself because of how dark it was – and because we don’t want to spoil anything for next time…


Pictured: Top row: Bruce Liby, Tommy Strahl, Richard Kolarik, Joe DiGirolamo, Meg McCarthy, Leigh Anne Muscarella, Angelica Quaranta, Nick Gambella, Anthony Hubner, Chris Coen. Bottom row: David Coonan, Ernie Lopez, Brian Cullen, Cindy Cullen, Amy Coonan, Grace Latham, Stephanie Wilson, Michelle Cavill. Not pictured, but contributed: Stephanie Dell’Aira, Michael Pagano