The Forest of Magic and Mystery: The Wiley Will-O-the-Whisp

October 31st, 2015

As a complement to our Demon Trail, which was designed for adults and older teens, we decided to host an entire event for the children in the area. As you can see from the pictures, the crowd was much larger than even we anticipated. They were treated to an adventure play, The Forest of Magic and Mystery: The Wiley Will-O-the-Whisp, in which they followed a narrator around the farm to encounter s fun cast of characters and solve the mystery of why the princess is frozen. Once they solved the mystery, they returned and participated in a costume contest (winners below) and got to take home goodie bags.

Magic forest poster

The cast and director with the two young winners of our costume contest. Top row: David Coonan (director), Joe DiGirolamo (Jack), Bruce Liby (The Woodsman), Meg McCarthy (The Fairy Princess). Bottom row: Ernie Lopez (the Gnome), “Bert”, Stephanie Wilson (The Gray Lady), “Mary Poppins”, Stephannie Ciantro (The Minstrel), Michelle Cavill (props and costumes)